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Jefferson County School System Teacher's Ordering Guide

2019 - 2020 Jefferson County Bid # 39-18
Teacher’s Ordering Guide

Welcome Teachers,

We are eager to make you feel like a member of the Alabama Art Supply family. Since 1967, we have proudly served the Alabama Art Community. Because we aim to serve the unique needs of our artists, teachers, and students, we are always available to listen to your questions and offer our sincerest guidance to help you complete your next masterpiece. Please stop by the store anytime to explore our massive inventory and sample special products. We can order any item and provide a quick delivery if you need something you cannot find in the store. Because we know you are on a tight budget, we will work with you to provide the best possible prices. Our friendly, caring staff aim to serve you with the best professional advice around. Our relationship with the Jefferson County School System has grown for the last 30 years; please know you can always reach out to us for support!


Contact: Pam Truitt
Alabama Art Supply
1006 23rd Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205

You will find in this packet our 2019 - 2020 Bid List with the latest prices for Jefferson County teachers, a list of popular teacher items, and helpful hints for quick, easy ordering!

1. Start by using this guide to determine the prices and quantities of items you plan to order. We have included in this packet the approved 2019-2020 Bid List, as well as an additional list of popular items not found on the bid list. We used previous sales records from teachers in the area to compile this list as well as items we think all teachers would love. If you are still not sure what to order or do not find a particular item, please email Pam Truitt ( for item numbers, discounts/best prices, and suggestions for what to order for best results in your classroom! We keep a massive inventory in stock at our Southside location. If you prefer, stop by the store and consult with our knowledgeable sales staff and peruse the aisles for inspiration.

2. Use the requisition form provided by your school. This form is available on the Jefcoed website. On this form, list all items you plan to purchase, including the quantities and the current prices of the items. You will find item numbers for all bid list items. Please include the total cost, as this is the number that must match the receipt.

3. Turn in the purchase order request form to your administration for approval. (Each school has individual policies regarding how many days are expected for an approval.) Once the request is approved, you will receive a typed purchase order signed by your administrator.

4. Scan and email your signed purchase order to Pam. We will confirm that we have received your email order within 24 hours. We will send a confirmation message, including an estimate for the date that we will have your order ready. We will confirm the delivery method as well in this message. (Options include: delivery to your school or in-store pick up.)

5. When you receive your order, please sign the Alabama Art Supply invoice and turn in your copy to your administration along with your receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Isn’t it cheaper to shop online?

Actually, you can save money by shopping with Alabama Art Supply. Ordering online has hidden costs, like shipping and handling. Alabama Art Supply gives at least a 33% discount to teachers on all regular price items, which brings prices down to a competitive level. We have weekly specials and 40%-off-one-item coupons as well. We deliver for free to your classroom any order over $50. You can send us a wishlist from another vendor so that we can match prices or offer comparable alternatives.

2. What if I can’t find what I need?

Pam Truitt or any of our sales staff can help locate items in our inventory. Email or call the store with any questions. If the items you wish to order are not in stock, special orders can be placed. Email or call Pam to place an order. We will gladly visit your classroom to demonstrate new or old products.

3. What if I need help teaching with a new material?

Email or call Pam if you would like a product demonstration and suggestions for instruction.

4. What if I forget what I used in a previous project to achieve a particular effect?

Alabama Art Supply keeps a record of all your previous purchases. If you need to see your previous orders, call or email us and we will get that to you right away.

We look forward to working with you!
Best Wishes,
Pam Truitt

Alabama Art Supply
1006 23rd Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205