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Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program

Frequent buyer loyalty program

Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program FAQs

What are the goals and how much do I get?

  • Spend $100 in regularly priced purchases and get $20 FREE Bonus Bucks to spend on anything in stock in our stores.
  • Let your purchases accrue to $300 and you'll get $100 FREE Bonus Bucks.
  • Reach the $500 Goal and get $200 FREE Bonus Bucks. WOW!

How much does it cost?

It's Free to Everyone! The Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program is the standard setting for every new customer. Sign up with your phone number when we ring up your art supplies and use that phone number each time. Make sure you let us know if you've changed your phone number so we can update our records.

Are there any requirements?

Make at least one regularly priced purchase per year. Our system will keep track of every purchase, and your purchase points are listed on every receipt so you can see how close you are to the goal.

Can I use a coupon or other discount with this program?

The Frequent Buyer Program is a reward for making regularly-priced purchases. You buy products at regular price and we give you FREE Bonus Bucks to spend when you reach any one of the three goals. Any purchases you make that are discounted with a coupon or promotional sale aren't added to your Frequent Buyer points.

    How can I spend my Bonus Bucks?

    You can spend your Bonus Bucks on ALL in-stock merchandise EVEN IF it's on sale, it's a red tag item, or you applied a coupon.

    If you have any questions about the Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program, your Frequent Buyer purchases balance, and your Bonus Bucks, please call our Birmingham store at 205-322-4741.

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